Full-Time EMT, Harnett County EMS

An employee in this position performs basic-level life support, stabilization procedures, transport, and emergency medical
care for Harnett County Emergency Medical Services. This includes: responding to the scene of emergency and non-emergency calls; providing necessary medical treatment to patients at the scene and during transport to medical facilities;
transporting persons to medical appointments; and ensuring that quality emergency patient care standards are in place,
proper equipment and treatment are available, and sound judgment and treatment decisions are made.
Paramedic Academy:
Full Time EMT’s are eligible to apply to be selected for our academy. It is M-F, 8-5. Students are paid a full salary while
attending and there is no cost to the employee for uniforms, books, student materials, etc. Classes are held at our office
and all clinicals and ride along are done within our organization.

Full-Time 24-hour shifts with scheduled overtime
0-2 years of experience $41,103 annually $3,425.25 monthly
2-5 years of experience $45,213 annually $3,767.78 monthly
5+ years of experience $47,268 annually $3,939.04 monthly

Certification Level: EMT
County: Harnett
Closing Date (if any): 01/05/2023